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Sage Carrington, Eighth-Grade Science Sleuth

Book Details

  • Title: Sage Carrington, Eighth-Grade Science Sleuth
  • Author: Justin Scott Parr
  • STEM Topic: 8th Grade Science
  • Page: 216
  • Price: $7.99

Every 12-year-old’s two favorite words: Summer vacation.
No cold weather. No school. Just months of free time ahead.

Best friends Sage Carrington and Isabel Flores are making the most of their summer break when they discover an antique treasure map near the Washington Monument. But when faced with difficult clues and a bully in the form of Edwin Hooser, the tween girls must use every bit of imagination, drive, and intellect to outsmart Edwin and decipher the map.

Join Sage and Isabel on a journey through the nation’s capital as they try to solve the puzzle and recover a priceless bounty.

Can you help Sage and Isabel solve a great scientific mystery?